Thursday, 1 March 2012

An Obligatory Introduction

Hello beautiful blog-reading people.

I'm Stu Hillman and this is my brand spanking new blog. 

Yeah that's a picture of me. Just because I thought I should put a picture of myself. A little self indulgent maybe? But then it is my blog. Just to be clear I don’t think anything I have to say is overly important, nor particularly original or insightful or inspiring. But this is mostly just for me, as something interesting to do on the side. You know? But if people find it enjoyable or interesting or take something away from this blog then that would just be the best thing.

I guess I should say it’s called Fro Blogging, because I couldn't think of a better name and I think it sounds kinda funny. The word ‘blogging’ just sounds really alien and funny to me. The fro part is because I have an afro, which often is the first thing people say about me, so I figured I couldn’t do a blog without having it in the title somewhere.

I guess I should kick this whole blog thing off with a bit about me, but I imagine only people who know me will read this so maybe that’s a waste of time? But then who here can put their hands up and say they’ve never wasted time? So like I said, I’m Stu Hillman. Short for Stuart, and I have no middle name. Though just call me Stu. Only my parents and professional people in jobs or whatever call me Stuart. It just sounds too formal. Stu just sounds so nice, casual and laid back. So yeah, let's stick with that. At the time of writing I’m 20 years old. I currently attend Bath Spa University, studying Study Of Religion and Philosophy. Just to stress, I don’t want to be a monk or a priest, because most people tend to wonder or ask. Or they think I'm some massive over zealous religious person, which I'm not either. I guess I'm agnostic, because I don't really know. But I find the idea of religions so interesting. I’m in my third and final year meaning I have to leave and find a job soon. The thought of the future scares me, but I guess it is exciting at the same time. Who knows where I’ll be in a year’s time? Or in ten? Freaky stuff. 

I grew up in a town called Colchester, in Essex, and it’s a lovely place. Despite what a particular TV show would convince people otherwise. My parents recently put my childhood home on the market, very sad times. All part of growing up I guess. I will miss that place though. Just like how I'll miss Bath when I leave here and enter 'the real world'. Oh man, I'm getting all deep and sentimental on my first blog post.

I deeply apologise for the boring obligatory first entry though! I hope you all enjoy my blog and the future entries I’ll do about stuff that’s hopefully actually interesting to read.

Stu, over and out for now. But keep reading! Thank you so much!


  1. Your blog has inspired me to create my own. You are my hero.